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"Trance" publicly on aweight – 12/11/2018


A wonderful show and a musical adventure for experimentation. / Repro Photos DR

A wonderful show and a musical adventure for experimentation. / Repro Photos DR

As part of the 19th anniversary celebrations, the lymphatic landscape transmitted to the Hilt Trail, losing its natural effects, its electronic effects and World Music Worlds. In March 2018, five musicians and one of the first engineers of the stage began a tour. This will end in December.

On November 17, the tribes are stopped at the agent in Florida. The aim is to use the power to communicate to create osmosis for the general public.

It is a natural movement that does not require unauthorized material. Unusual display and extraordinary musical adventure.

An interview with Ludo, one of the founder fathers of the group, is in the north of Ibsai, like the other two members of the tribe. Combo takes place twice a year, including the famous hip market in the Las Dalas.

How will your music stream be defined?

This is a dynamic "nature trance". It's sports on stage! We play about 20 traditional instruments. String instruments around the world including Djembes, dgegeridoo, congas, sitar, dungchen, a drum, bass, and guitar. Our songs take old themes from West Africa, but the anthical passion, the Saiva India influence, the Six Indian culture … Each part has a special sound like the dramas in Locatiates, where we are exploring. Our compositions and settings, and new technologies and electro voices we add. Adds styles to existing trending music. Each song has its own universe. The idea is to restore emotions to the general public.

Have you scattered all these lands to learn deeply about these cultures?

We were traveling, but some musicians came to us. For the final "Light Temple" for each album, or for each title, we try to improve the culture of language.

Can you tell music moxite to define the mixture of influence?

Let's say we saw world class music by Peter Gabriel and his musicians Sénegales and Pakistan. But when we are fortunate, our difference is Jean-Marc Lande, producer of Jean-Marc Landou, who helped us in the world's influence and electric power. We introduced Ibiza to us. We need to know that everything is playing on stage. No computer or sampler.

Are Transcasts a Planning and Hypnotic Connocation?

Their bagpipes, drums, and African trance, led by Woodrow's rituals, still exist in kelts. They spoke in pagan holidays. In 1968, Hyapanes moved from San Francisco to Europe. The cyclical movement rose. In India, Trance festivals are born. After the star after the Woodstock effect, the old HyPay children began near the "technance" of current techno and home.

Our nature trance is inspired by the contemporary world and this old world. We're humble than musicians who have big names in world music. Salvador de Bahia, Dakar, or Mali are the most reproduced culture tools.

Is this a visual-show show?

Yes, this program is wearing musicians, not only lamp technology, technological sounds, lights. All in a real performance performance, along with songs and effects, shines with the spectacular lining of the pieces. A true auditory and visual experience!

Have you shot abroad?

It became part of this tour of Japan, Morocco, the United States, Sweden, India, and Romania, Hungary and Israel. Especially in every corner of France. We have also performed in many festivals. Initially, everything starts from Brittany. We thank you for this area. That is our distributor Bruton.

Multiple dates are full, what is your profile profile? The Nuestalic and the Young Rivers of May 1968?

We have attracted all kinds of generations and styles. Some 15-25-year-old "restrictive", 70s fewer indications have been given to know our messages, independent writers, passengers, dreamers, and alternatives.

Do you have a new album, an idea or idea for its color?

We're working on the songs, but we have to finish this tour before. We want to explore Masai's East Africa.

Hate tribe + Scientific Freaks Saturday 17 November 21 Hours in Florida.

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