Friday , September 30 2022

Tourists in Agadir increased in October


Tourism Agadir shows a good form. This summer and the city attracts visitors after the positive numbers recorded last summer.

According to the documents from the South of Perl, tourism in October, the number of statistics in October was 17.72 per cent higher than last year.

The number of tourists rose from 93,918 to 79,918 in the first day. Regional Council Tools Soz MassaCRT)

The number of major domestic markets and shipments was 24,552. It was 21,349 last year. 15 per cent increase.

In the latter place, the French used 17,008 tourists. There are 13,963 tourist arrivals (21.81 per cent). Next up was 12,390 with 13,852 people.

In October, the best of the four-to-fourer hotels was 23,867. Next up was 20,946 and 5,287 tourists from five star hotels.

The average wage rate in hotels is classified according to CRTAgadir It rose from 54.25 per cent to 50.83 per cent.

In the first half of 2018, tourist arrivals in Agady recorded a growth of 13.08 per cent to 486,651 visitors. Last year it was 430,347.

This increase is due to the good marketing of the major marketing market and the domestic tourist arrivals as a result of CRT. Visitors have been registered with 138,869 foreign visitors in the country. The country's first coastline was registered by 139,932 people across the country.

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