Thursday , September 29 2022

They complain about returning to Louvra


NASHA SIEN There is no blame, we do not enter any group in Luvi. The 250-year-old Australian dancer's 25-year-old was seen in a very brilliant dress in the entrance to the Paris Museum. The legs are transparent. In this original look she was not very sensitive and turned to a security guard and asked her to rethink her dress.

The girl then told the woman on the social network: "He hated the gestures and veilings, terrified me, asked me to hide me and pointed me to my eyes," she wrote.

"Heart broken"

"My heart is broken because I thought I was going beyond the boundaries of this period," she said. To add his argument, Nusha Simi published a screenshot of his Google search for his Louwre Dress code: such a law does not exist.

"In this museum there are many portraits and sculptures of naked women, where a worker seems to be easy for me to shock and disgust the woman's body." Daily Mail.

Unfortunately, only a small number of young girls are available to Internet users. Most of its subscribers think that such a group does not have anything in the museum. "Give a little respect to you and the places you visit, leave partial nudity in clubs and in your bedroom (…) a class lesson is essential", one user said.

"You represent all the worst and enduring one among the influencers." You have bought another life! "Added another user. Others are more disadvantaged, lack of his own culture, and a sex worker's eye. Nusha depends on the uncontrolled support of some of its subscribers. "We are in the 21st century, one of them blames others why you do not wear it or you wear it," one of them said in a very serious way.

(Too / JOC)

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