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The middle match of the CNE debates

TheThe company's production and fair competition represents one of the leading growth drivers in Morocco's economic development. The General Confederation of Merraras (CGEM) of Morocco, Salahudeen Moussouvar, said in a statement on Thursday in Casablanca.

Mészar said that during the inauguration of the National Council of Confederation (CNE), Mészar said that the election question of the contest is not a failure, but CGEM selected the importance behind Moroccan's financial backdrop.

This aim is to educate the members of the CNNA about the competitive research council and its current plans and the functioning of the referral system, the dress gourouille in the presence of the Council President.

MESSORY reminded the CNE that a Counseling body was responsible for providing a commentary on the CGEM's all matters, comments, comments and recommendations, and that the CNS was head of the council, including those related to the Council's public policy. Director

As part of CGEM's vice president Fayalak Mekur said, "This meeting, which was held in the headquarters of Sango," does not save any historical and symbolic burden. "The first flags of Morocco's industrialization are an opportunity to trace the large industrial sector in Morocco.

This transfer, at the beginning, looks at a new model that has been created by Murak, in the national environment created by new challenges, in the local and global atmosphere of emergence in the development of a variety of uncertainties and a new kind of insecurity.

"Our economy has a lot of challenges in reliability, visibility and general mobilization," he said.

The chairperson of the Mirim Benzla Chakrun was held in February 2018 at the last national council in Errachidia.

Former president has appealed to mobilize the means of opening land and air in the draw-timelot region.

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