Monday , May 29 2023

The first auto test center opens in Morocco


Law Map reports that these two Franco-German companies specialize in specific areas. UTA Serum, a French company with 580 employees, has a turnover of 82 82 million in 2019, including environmental development, evaluation tests, certification, regulations, training, advice, audit, certification, technical regulation, standardization and events.

Germany has 6,700 employees, including 750 in France). It invests in the development of vehicles and powertrains and in testing innovative vehicle concepts through series production. This future center will be located in the Ued Sem (province of Kharibga) in central Morocco, with many services divided into several activities. According to Laurent Benoit, President of UTAC Serum, this is part of the Group’s development and growth strategy to meet customer needs.

The group decided to settle in Morocco because it has a number of advantages, including favorable weather conditions and local wage costs. These advantages “allow UTAC Serum to take advantage of the excellent competitiveness of certain types of services and thus complete the offer”, explains UTAC Serum President. The group said it would recruit about 100 employees over a five-year period and would benefit from the dedicated training program.

Other services include endurance and full reliability testing of our benches / tracks / roads, development and testing of vehicle dynamics, 4 km trails (exclusive to Europe and Africa), traction networks (electric, hybrid or conventional and propulsion); × 4 chassis dynamometers (- 20 C), development and acoustic tests, development Pedestrian impact, RDE (Real Driving Emissions) driving, automated, connected vehicle inspection, driving training, event services.

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