Friday , March 24 2023

South-South Cooperation: The CDG confirms its African Fiber


Infomedy France was the second edition of the African CDX Program in Africa, organized by The Case de Depot and the Geection (CDG). The seminar was the presentation and promotion of the financial model. Economic and financial actors in the African continent. The project is aimed at promoting a special economic model of "Césé de Depot" as a tool for collecting, maintaining and transforming savings for the development of developing countries.

CDG This program is for the purpose of the Group's mission, its ambitions, its participation in economic social development, discussions about major actors, a framework of consultation and exchange, and meetings and discussions. Economic and economic aspects of the African continent

CDG in this program CEO Abdullatif Sagonan said. He also said that this opportunity to review CMG's "African Job". In fact, there is a significant axis of its strategic vision and its mutual cooperation.

CDG continuously launches new ways to "work together" with siblings and friends in our continent. It is cooperating fully with the royal guidelines. . The program aims to be partnered with 2017 and operators from the financial community of the West African States (EvoSSAS). More than 50 representatives of the financial community were present this year. Central African Monetary Fund (CEMACA), Central Asia Commonwealth of South Africa and Central African States of Economic Community (CCCAS).

As in the previous year, the participatory leadership has been identified with a number of countries participating, confirming the interests of African partners who are dedicated for the promotion of the "Kaise de Depot" model. .

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