Wednesday , March 22 2023

Receipts for mete-film and documentary projects are in progress


Cinematographs Production Commission The receipts with various film and documentary projects are in progress for the third session of 2018. The Alloy Megagri, President of the Ralat, held from November 12 to 16
The movie titled "Taxi Bye" by 150,000 DALs, and Aliens have been awarded a million Dhals for "Anoses" and "Roujoula" by Elyas El. Faris said in a statement from the Moroccan Film Center (CCM).
For the Pre-Production Film project, Ante Mourasass's 'Kat Raider' and 'Al Wadi Uday Mohandan' directed by 'La vo moe vo biani' will feature 4.150,000 dhs of projects. In the same category, 4.100,000 DH, 3.600,000 DH, 1,950,000 DH systems Mohammed Hicham Reggwi's Green Card, Le Monde Moussa Heaven Dark, Joseph Bull and Luke Seimor will be directed by DJ.
In this category, Khalil Hassani's "dear father" is a 150,000 Dhans and Dhani 200,000, according to Sophia Allow's "animals die.
Ali Sahil's feature documentary "Unmarried Calendar", "Li Atrarani Man Yahi" Rishi Siri Mohammed, "Estera, Baou Saqqor by Asar al Ozur" will be directed by Ali Osuda's documentary on the history and location of Sahara Hassan culture. Lassan El Omari will coordinate with Taufika Charaf Eddy and Rahlath Al-Baht Ayaydade.
In the same category, 875,000 DH documentary "Sourraj Azaaf" and Siddi Mohammad Fudal El Jamani's "Ain Abarbor" are presented by Salim Balal.
Amin Saibari, Latifa Baqa, Meriam Khaturi, Fatima Ayt Mand, Lila Townsi, Mubrey Rabo Maa Leneen, Mohammed Begum, Aberassazak Esaka, Mohamed Emd Kadhri, Dos Tahri and Abdelak Fikri.

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