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Program in the International Film Festival of Meyin – Marrakech


Moroccan director Thala Hadid is a member of the jury of 2018.

Makarake International Film Festival was announced on November 30th. 80 photographs from 29 countries will be held from November 30 to December 8.

It's only a few days to separate us from the great Moroccan film festival. For nine days, Morke will again become Hollywood in the region. Red carpets, photographed flashes, and smile of national and international stars. The glamorous celebration is from November 30 to December 8 in the fifth edition of the Orange City International Film Festival. This year, 14 films are part of the official competition to win the Golden Star of Makarakku. According to a FIFM press release, choose a selection of a variety of cinematicographic cosmologies from different parts of the globe. We have four European films: All Good (Germany), Joy (Austria), Irina (Bulgaria), Lod (Serbia). Latin America has three works: Alejandah Marx Abbella the Good Girls (Las Ninas Ben), Rojo de Benjamin Nishat, and Chambermid (La Kamerista).
In the official competition, the Kent Johns' American American movie Dine, Su Jin's Chinese Vanning Days (Maya), and Japanese Red Snow (Akay Yuki) of Sayaak Kay. From the MENA region we can see Moron Bastry Morin Bastri, "The Giraffe" of Sudan Swan Ali and Mosque Ahmed Madi and "Look at me".
These films are fixed by a jury with nine slogans of the film. Names have already been notified. American actor Daccatta Johnson, Lebanese director and well-known music director Jonah Hodgetmomas, Morakine's director Hadded, British director Linda Ramsey, German actor Daniel Brule, French director Laurent Cantette and Mexican director Michael Franco. Six major film production films will be a long way of walking in the festival. FIFA's statement underscores Julien Shanbeal, the best-known artists and directors at the "Gate of Eternity" dedicated to the opening of the 17th edition of Vincent van Gogh's work and work.
The program will feature volunteers Golino (Italy), Alfonso Caryon (Mexico), Peter Farelli (United States), Aboobacker Shawoy (Egypt) and Nadine Labaki (Lebanon). Fans of the "Special Sessions" section will get various merchandise from various goods (Norway, Nigeria, Colombia, Kenya, USA, Egypt, France and Argentina). 11 images will be displayed as part of this section. A new category of "Fifteenth Continental" Philippines and America featuring 14 fiction and documentaries on integrated and innovative works by filmmakers from Thailand, Lebanon, Croatia, South Africa, Austria, Bulgaria, Argentina and Louisiana. "Gala Sessions", "The Special Sessions", "The 11th Condom", "Moroccan Cinema Panorama", "Young Addins" section, "Juma LLP Projects", "80 Pictures from 29 countries, 17 of the International Film Festival of Morket, Will be displayed in the 1st edition.

Morocco is awarded for cinema

FIFA's 2018 edition national movie reminds us of its wealth and its creativity. Seven million films will be unveiled at Marquk. In the filmmakers, "Fousi Benzdi" finds volleyball along with Moussa Marcy, Nadia Kounta, Abdullahti Talab, Nezah Rahul, and Mauna Fetto, documentary documentary by Hennd Benjeri, "We Helper" (Mehrka / The Heller) by Mehmet Syndaid, , Merriam Ben Bark's "Sophia", nurses "Nazarell" (Billa Maudin / App Aid), Marco Yasin mareakreayute "stirring the lost of the world", can be istamullatakkan Hitch Lazarus and national producers, "juhalya".

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