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Private Public Participation: Malik honored in Caliban


In the second edition of the African Forum on Public Private Partnership, Maula Ahmad Boubakar, Minister of Industrial Development and Investment Promotion, Kasablanca from 12 to 13 participated. Maula Ahmed Boobakkar represented Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. "With the central idea that promotes ICT and farming in Africa through PPPs, this forum and public and private actors are productive in a centralized area.

PPP refers to the contract between private private companies to build the basic amenities and the construction of a Moroccan experience in this area.

For organizers, our countryman led by Daouda Coulibaly led by CEO, Morocco is committed to commitment to South-South Cooperation for this event, his greatness Mohammed Aaram commitment for continuing economic development. He is a reference to Morocco in the PPP and Agricultural Sector. Control of this forum in Casablanca.

This Forum is designed to create a framework for exchange and reflection on various subjects in implementation of infrastructure projects under the Public-Private Partnership model on the continent.

In his speech, he said, "Industry welcomes the investment promotion and investment promotion minister. Because if the public faced famine, the private sector's participation is inevitable. . This idea is part of Mali. The PPP considered one of its priorities and incorporated the PPP unit into its established development activities. This is a device based on effective and transparent interaction.

Maule Ahmed Bubaker is attempting to succeed in favor of Africa. The only way to fight against illegal immigrants, youth unemployment and poverty is today.

As part of this case, the Maula Ahmed Bukhakkar, who was reluctant to unite these desires, made effective debates with representatives of the government. He met with leaders of the specialized Moroccan groups in industrial, industrial, investment and reprocessing energy.

In this forum, the Prime Minister received a Promotion of Industrial Development and Investment for obtaining an approval certificate for the Mali government's support in this forum.

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Source: September 22

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