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Portugal, Netherlands, England and Switzerland: Issues of the Last Four of the League of Nations


Bless has seen some advantages over being unable to qualify for the final. Here's what you need to know about this dead end.

Suspense lasted until the end. Although Germany defeated Germany 2-0 against the Netherlands on Monday, the last four matches of the League of Nations allowed the French. Discovered dishes to equip Oranje resources Destroy expensive spices. But what will be Blues missing? What are these last four things for dedicated teams? Instructions for use

What are the last four and who are qualified 4?

The semi-finals, the third and the final are Mall Tournament.

Remember that the League of Nations is an organized 4 divisions, which is divided into 4 chickens. The last four include all the winners in the first division groups Portugal, the Netherlands, England and Switzerland.

Where and when will the last four happen? Is there a balance?

The final will be in the draw for four semifinals. Dublin (in Ireland) will take place on December 3.

Semi-finals will be held in Portugal and Guaras Porto Dragon Stadium – June 5th, 6th, 2019. The beautiful landscape of Porto will be welcomed by the end of June 9th.

Estrada Dragago Porto

What are the benefits for eligible teams?

With less direct access to Euro 2020, they will be cut off by less trouble. They will already contribute to the five teams in the draw – This campaign will include ten groups (five groups with five to five groups). But these mistakes have a right, because they have a second chance – a barrage step if they do not qualify for this euro.

Finalists 4, Portugal, Netherlands, England and Switzerland are eligible to qualify for the Euro 2020 qualifying campaign. This is a high probability). In this case, these are The top ranked teams in each group will join the dams at Euro 2020. A step in March of the same year. Although the League of Nations has failed in the tournament, the fourth greatest player in the team will be organized in 16 teams in a small tournament. Groups, two semi-finals, a winner. The lower divisions will have more egalitarian countries to qualify for the euro.

In short, the qualifying campaign in 2020 of 2020 in 24 tournaments in the tournament. The remaining 4 places are League of Nations. For each of the two teams of the best teams from each group (from 10 groups), but in the League of Nations, it is the 4 winners of the dam, after which the table of the euro is completed in 2020. So complicated, the end?

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What are the benefits for the winner?

The winner of the final four wins will also win the first trophy in history 10 million euros. It is less than that. France's team earned € 32.2 million for the crown of the World Cup.

League of Nations, Is It Precious?

Some historic nations of the Final continent would not bring the fourth to France, Germany, Italy and Spain. This is remarkable. Croatia and Belgium are in the second and second place in the 2018 World Cup. But this made the other European countries, opportunistic (Portugal, Switzerland) or a renewal (Netherlands) draft, leading to the stage. England is in the fourth place with the best performances.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Cain will be able to increase the attraction of the tournament this summer. Variation years are sometimes like long tunnels of neglect … The League of Nations has solved the least problem.

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