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Nissan has threatened to strike in Renault after the arrest of Ghon


Carlos Gossan is coming out with new revelations in Japan. The new version of the threat posed by the Renault Nizan-Mitsubishi Morser reveals. The rest of this triangle fell off. His altar.

The 64-year-old man was in police custody with a prisoner in Tokyo, concealing a large portion of his income from the Japanese financial authorities.

In France, the finance minister Bruno Lemayre was assured that Gason was in good standing. "No special report has been reported," he said for his services to check the taxation situation of Carlos Gosson in France.

According to a statement in prosecution, Goss "conspired to reduce his compensation five times between June 2011 and 2015", 4.9 billion yen (37 million euros at the current price) over 10 billion yen.

Franco-Lipano-Brazilian arrest, the end of the internal investigation of several months leading to Nissan, was handed over to the public prosecutor.

At a press conference that night, Nisan executive chairman Hirotto Saikawa referred to "a number of scams like corporate proprietorship for personal use".

In a subsidized subsidiary of Nissan, it was funded to buy luxurious homes based on local media. In addition, according to the NHK Public Channel, he has been advertising for other directors.

– weak balance –

If Carlos Ghosean fails to recover from French President Immanuel McConnell or Japanese Minister industrialist Hiroshi Sekoto or Japanese, the French authorities are "at stake", now is in balance.

The CEO of 10 million cars has been working to restore the relationship between Renoult and Nissan, the SNC Nicola Securities.

"We do not think the alliance will be weak." "It's the main question that transforms the power of the French and Japanese parties," he says.

This topic is very sensitive. While the French were 15% in the capital of Renault.

The judicial side of the case says experts are "countless questions". "Why are these defamatory detectives now, Gross Kelly (another Nissan Officer in custody) has got pseudo-legal documents, and he does wonders.

– "Question of Money" –

Against his former adviser Saikawa had very harsh words. "This is a problem that has given so much power to one person," he said, denying the dark side of the Ghoseian era.

The Board of Directors of Nissan has expelled the chairman on Thursday morning. Mitsubishi Motors (MMC) announced a similar decision.

The board of directors of Renault will meet Tuesday.

In France, the government has been asked to hold an interim administration. He told me in front of Mein, Bruno, that he was not able to lead the head now.

Japanese vehicles dropped to 5.4 per cent in Tokyo and 6.84 per cent on the MMC.

Renault lost 1.42% after opening in Paris. Already 8.43% each was unreservedly.

Carlos Gosson threw a strong deal with the French RNL group for a Mitsubishi Motor and recently Mitsubishi Motors, throwing Nissan's use in the 2000s into the garden.

"He is greedy, and in the end, it's a question of money," said a daily in Neorio. "He asked his subconscious to fulfill the helpless goal, but even when Nasson's programs did not go well he got a high salary," explains the article.

He entered the headquarters of the helpline at Yokohama, on the outskirts of Tokyo. "It was unexpected and I do not know what happened to me," said a 38-year-old employee of business paper Nicky. "The worst time is happening," he said, adding that Nissan was subjected to a series of corruption scams due to poor inspections in Japan.

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