Tuesday , March 21 2023

New preventive treatment against peer allergies


In one study, researchers could design two caps containing two roots in two of the three components.

Peanut Allergy is one of the most common causes of anaphylaxis that is one of the most dramatic and dangerous factors for allergies. Eema, breathing difficulties, digestive problems, loss of awareness … it can be deadly. However, there are groundnuts in many foods, ranging from oil to cancer to higher allergens in more serious symptoms.

Many research helps to alleviate allergies, but it also helps protects individuals from danger, especially those of young people. Emiry University School of Medicine (Researchers in USA) believe that a vaccine has been invented "Keep some kids out of chillies or dung cakes."They write in their report published in November The New England Journal of Medicine.

Two roots without marks

More than 550 people from different countries are in the age group of 4 to 17 years. All the allergens allergic to the roots, the highest levels of dose of coriander, in short, two doses of two of the three taking capsules, two doses without any symptoms or any adverse effects. Even half of them could not even go twice. However, 10% of participants had to stop the test because of the most violent responses.

However, researchers say it is not a treatment for allergies. "It can not stop allergiesCNN Quoted Essay Director Dr. Brian Wicker says. Do not make allergic reactions in the pants, but let them eat the food they need. "

Peanut butter zonvich gives it a reward for three million Americans allergic to milk powder in the country. As a result of the success of the study, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has even announced the speed of approval process. The Certificate of Marketing, a product that produces test production, is to be submitted in December.

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