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Morocco: Improving the living conditions of the people in the third stage of the NRI


20.11.2018, 15:18

In Morocco, the third phase of the National Initiative for Human Development (ECH) in Morocco, 2019-2023, will undoubtedly improve the quality of citizens' livelihood and enhance the dignity of social justice and consolidation of values. Managing Director of National Initiative for Human Development (ETN) Mohammed Dardouri is presently attending the World Shop World Exhibition Conference on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. Wali's explanation for Marakhi is that this phase, spending 1.7 billion euros (18 billion DH), is emphasized with two aims. It addresses the main obstacles faced by human development and promotes directly and promotes living conditions and building up the future.

The first objective will be split into two programs, deficiencies in basic infrastructure and services, support for the people in terms of risky conditions, enhancement of income, and second objective programs involving the economic stimulation of the poor. The young and the inspiration for the rise of human capital for emerging generations.

The National Administration said that at the national level the government was reduced to all levels and the private sector and civic community were synchronized. National Authorities encourage this strategy and ensure a coordination of the work of the public. Regional, Regional and Local Government Programs to be implemented and implemented.

Under the supervision of the NHRI and its partners, guarantees a multi-year program of human development. It has developed a provincial committee for human development during a participatory process. Similarly, it includes a Reference Law and a device for all the actors of human development.

The NCRI's third phase involves the annual ecosystem involvement in the planning activities. All stackholders are taken together, along with the annular rotation between these sectors. The forum, performance and impact review, prospective, Moroccan, international good practices, and the celebration of success stories.

Similarly, Wali's announcement was recently introduced by the New Human Development Institute. This structure is designed to determine, educate, train, support research, and make better studies on human development issues.

Between 2005 and 2018, two stages of Indian products added nearly 4 billion euros (43 billion DHs) of global merchandise, including 2.6 billion euros (28 billion DHs).

The schemes implemented in these two phases helped to reduce social and economic deficits as part of the poverty alleviation program in rural areas. In the first phase of 2005-2011 there were 43 local authorities. In the second phase 702 local authorities have increased this number.

Social welfare in urban areas (264 neighbors in first phase and 532 in the second phase) Combat and danger Action: Support for social and economic reunification with special needs, patients, elderly, children's and youth protection.

These projects have focused on rehabilitation programs in isolated areas where 3,300 Dubai and 22 provinces are targeted.

From 2005 to 2017, NHRIs have affected 43,000 projects and activities, including health, school education, social integration of young people, economic integration, and the influence of people at risk.

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