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Morning – Weather: Clear sky and very hot

On Sunday, May 26, 2019, the National Weather Directorate of Weather Meteorology prepared the following:

  • The hot climate is in the south and east of the southern provinces, inter-plains, north and central.
  • Clouds, clouds and clouds formed in the soil in the North, Central Region, southern provinces, Mediterranean area, and north-east.
  • Some Comfortphium clouds at High Atlas.
  • The weather is very close to the weather with small ambient weather everywhere.
  • Possible sand-chairs for the south-east.
  • A moderate, sometimes strong industrial wind is located in the tangier and south-east.
  • The lowest temperature on the surface is 07/13 ° C, 10/15 ° C in Orient, 20/26 ° C south-east, south-east and south 15/21 ° elsewhere.
  • In the south east, 29/34 degrees Celsius on the east, north of the southern provinces, omemas and saas trays, 33/40 degrees south of the south, central, east and south.
  • In the Mediterranean area and Detroit, Casablanca and Tarafea, the small sea that is causing discomfort, and to create a turbulent rift somewhere else.

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