Wednesday , September 28 2022

Midlet wind farm (180 megawatts)


The first phase of the 850 MW power project and 230 million euros will be completed within 24 months. Endel Green Power and Narewa joined Midlet Farm Farm SA.

Moroccan Agency for Renewable Energy (Massein), National Office of Electricity, Drinking Water (One) And Midlet Wind Farm SA Financing agreements signed at midday wind farm (180 megawatts) Every Green Green (EGPNovember 5th

Eol, co-founder of the Italian group EGP, was established by the Moroccan Company Nerve, Midlet Quit Farm is a consortium of consortium in stock "Integrated wind scheme"Morocco aims to produce 850 MW of power Ony is a company's partner.

The midlet is part of five windmills for Integrated Wind Projects.

Construction will be completed within this two months of this month. Siemens GamesThe turbines from Family Kat, the forest sub-division of Siemens in Germany, will be distributed.

Midlet Wind Farm signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with ONE for energy produced.

Additionally 500,000 residents of Adidere and Emal Green Power can get the city's energy needed for the middle.

Agricultural crops require 230 million euros of investment and 400,000 tonnes of CO 2 production will be prevented annually.

The ONEE funded the German Development Bank for the purpose of this project in the form of Public-Private Partnership (Cf.), European Investment Bank (Abe), Before the European Commission handed them over to midlet wind farm.

The other four parks of integrated wind projects – Tissot (300 MW), Tangier II (100 MW) Jebel Ladd (200 MW), Boujojour (100 MW) – will be developed "Depending on the schedule that is between partners,, EGP is sure.

The total cost for implementation of Integrated Wind Power Scheme is estimated at only one Billion euro.

Morocco's national energy economy has increased its energy levels to 42% by 2020 and increases to 52% in 2030. By 2020, at least 2 power generation capacity is expected to be achieved in the country by solar energy and wind power generation projects.

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