Thursday , September 29 2022

Levi Strauss goes to the public


Livi Strauss and Co. Group listed on the New York Stock Exchange are likely to raise $ 600-800 million.


Chip Berg-led company intends to get an estimated value of 5,000 million dollars (4,441 million euro) according to CPCC. For this, 145 years ago, San Francisco-based company Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan

However, this information has not yet been confirmed by the American team and would have taken over the responsibility of the financial agencies.

The owner of the Levi Stress family, the stockbroker in the 1970s, was in the stock market in the 1970s and an experiment in 1984 was taken over by an LBO. The company's Japanese subsidiary Levi Strauss KK now listed in Tokyo. In addition, the group's bonds are listed in New York and the quarterly results should be informed to the financial market regulator.

The double digit growth and profits have increased in the last two years after reconstruction in 2015.

During the third quarter of the current fiscal Levi Strauss-Kahl grew by 10% to $ 1,390 million (€ 1,210 million). The company currently operates in 110 countries signed by Leices, Dakkers, Levi Strauss, Co and Denis Brands.

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