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Let's see if you have seen a movie of Rotten Tomatoes (finally!)

Rotan Thomas

Rotten Tomatoes's site decided to review how a user posted a trusted review on the site.

" Our goal is to increase the confidence of users in public opinion Greg Ferris said, Vice President of Fandango Products Rotan Thomas.

More reliable rotor Thakottu

The famous Rotan Tomatoes website has many pictures and series. A skillful expert rating, a general rating. Each content has a "Tatatomometer" and "Odin's Score".

In this way, the viewer can quickly Compare public criticism with professional criticism. If you take the example of recent aladin dishes, the toomometer score is 59%, when people score 90% (210 analyzers).

Rotan Thomas

A system that inevitably suffers from many shortcomings can make a film soon Review the bombingEither Fungus of negative reviews (often unfair) On the part of the users, his score will surely fall

Negative comments can be delivered to all users, Including those who did not listen to the film or the series.

"Verified" notifications for more transparency

I would like to fix Rotta Tomatos especially with AMC theater films like regional films or cinemas. In this way, who really is the audience Bought a ticket A film will be allowed to post a "verified" critique.

Rotan Thomas

Today, visitor of Rotan Tomatos can access a Global Odinance Score, or today Access only the checked commentsMore accurate judgment.

According to website: " There is a growing demand for online customer reviews and feedback, how to build user scores, and we offer a simple: ratings and feedback from people who bought a ticket for their rated ticket and we think it's a good indicator ".

The Platform is now under consideration of a similar verification process Content that is not shown in the movieFor example, like the series.

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