Wednesday , March 22 2023

Lee replaces – RSB succeeded in 31 years


In 1987 and 2014 two finals were lost. Rafael wrested the title of third racquencer Berkan, 2 to 3-2 to TAB). This was the first crown to be coached by the coaching mounyer Javanese. He first felt as an excellent team coach.

Like WAF-RCA semi-finals, Maula has promised in the mallah Abdullah of the Haggun Cup Final Sports Complex in 2018, which is unbalanced. Like their performances against Greece, members of the spiritual capital still stuck to another club in Botola D1, if not aimed at protecting the RSB in the 90th minute.
The meeting between RSB and WF was foretold: A paper in the favorite Berkan paper was much more capable of controlling the owners of the ball, as was the fascist resistance. This incident actually happened on Sunday in the first month. RSB made all efforts for Wydadis's defensive lock. In the second half it was not possible to see a club in Berkane open up a successful level from Farhorn.
In the 57th minute, Wydad went ahead with two opportunistic goals. Captain Ali Mammadou (59), directing Jerry (77) and direct hit RSB. In the 90th minute, when Larbei achieved the Ennazi record, Wydad of Face turned to a marvelous welcome. While Hassan Ugandan's statistics were completely overridden. It was determined to be over 30 minutes overtime.

The WAF has little focus and experience
Both teams have recovered from the lone penalty shootout after the verdict pronounced in favor of Berkene Renaissance (3-2). This was the best performance among the players. Five players could not be beaten. But Jonah's anxieties could be recovered at the right time. While traveling to the Mosle Abdullah Complex in Rabat, their happiness is being exploded in the group and group. Some of the staff members attacked referee Samir Guez.
Two wasted finals (since 1987 KHM vs. FS vs 2014) won the Raja. Waded The Phyas, who was in the first final, expressed regret. Several weeks of WAF's ratings went into the winter transfer window.

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