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Jersey 2018: Summary and Trailer of the 13 Feature Films in Official Features


13 images from nine countries for the 2018 edition of JCC will be produced by Golden Tann Best Feature Film in 2018. Tunisia three film films, Morocco and Kenya are featured in two feature films. The rest are Arab and African cinematographic operations.

We invite you to find the Synapse and trailers of the major locks and theaters participating in the JCC 2018 official games.

The movie "The Karuna" (Rwanda) Joel Karekezi : In the forest of "Kewu" in Congo, Sergeant Xavier, the captain of the war, is in an invincibility of Rwandan and Sainatay Fastin. Xavier and Fastin lose all of the battalions. The water in the world's most dangerous Congo is left without food.

Mosza Barrière's movie "Lazia" (Morocco) : Her mother has once again raised more than one award in the biography of Mohsin Bassi, "Mohasak". The Arab International Film Festival of Cairo International Film Festival, including Naghib Muffofs Award

"Democratic Republic of the Congo" by Ekwa Bahhongo's "Look & # 39;: A 19-year-old girl who lived in the street from age 13 married to Mbeziazor, a woman who prompted her to live a life of street life. It seems that Mecca has a relationship based on drugs, prostitution, robbery, exploitation and violence. She decides to leave Mibssoor.

Vanuri Kahut's movie "RAFIKI" (Kenya): Kan Festivals elected to participate in 2018 & # 39; A special view & # 39; & # 39; and Southern countries (a co-production between Kenya and South Africa). "Referee" has been banned from displaying in Kenya. The ban has been banned for a week for the judiciary's approval to have sex with the Kenya Conservative society for sexual relations. This film inspires the novel "Jambula Tree" written by Ugandan writer Monika Arach.

Negeb Belkadi's "Look at Me" (Tunisia): Lofty, who lives in Marseille, is forced to return to Tunisia to care for her autobiography. This story is a story of a man who has lost a relationship and attempts to rebuild them with social and human love groups.

Merzac Allow's movie "Kat Dain" (Algeria) A black and white film, wherein the psychology that finds it difficult to find amin. A young young man living in a small Saharan village, who spends time with reading the Qur'an, and young Jihadist.

Sophia (Morocco), who won the Maritime Ben Maebok award: Sophia (20) lives with her parents in Casablanca. After having a pregnant baby, she seems to have given birth to the baby without getting married to her. The hospital was sent to him for 24 months to provide documents of the father's father before informing the authorities.

"SUPA Modo" (Kenya) Leccion Vinne: The film tells the story of a young girl's life and a superhero thanking her family and her family.

Film "My dear child" Mohammed Ben Attista: The director of the film "First Work", the director of the "Bedi, 2016", directed by the director of "Heady, Freedom of the Wind", son's justification, never lost their mark.

Abbas Father's film "Yaara" (Iraq): The Yara lives alone in the isolated valley alone. Most of them were foreigners living abroad and evicted abroad. One day, Yarra met a young stranger.

"YOMEDDINE" (Egypt) produced by Abu Baker ShawkiA lepery Nabiana anantha and their donkey first leave the jails of leprosy and travel in Egypt to their homes, their families, and their approval.

"Fatwa" (Tunisia) by Mahmud Ben MahmoudThe picture is related to religious extremism in Tunisia. A Tunisian Brahim Nadwour in France, "Fatwa" returns to Thunes to bury his son who died in a motorcycle accident. He finds that Yuvmoran works in an intelligent Islamic group. He decides to understand the reasons for his transformation and seek the Brahmins.

The film "The Unfinished Journey" (Syria) by Judith Said: A brave warrior Alepto returns to the aliens, aliens, and aliens to return the city to their homeland. They will have to stop fighting because of the war. They will try to bring back the wait for the end of the war to a ruined village. Will she end one day?


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