Sunday , April 2 2023

Foot Algeria / D. Inferior: Leader (OM Ruseia) falls


The championship in the Central-East group in the Inter-Regency climbed on the ninth day and defeated leader RMI Rooseau to defeat the IRB Berhumou. He reached the record with two goals. In the most beautiful way, the race increases the race. SET's stadium stadium was broken. The road was thrown in front of the Telagama NRB.

The IRB-Lahdzer was at the third and the defeat of US Sufi's defeat. But three defeats are defeated by defeating three defeats. SF Setif, USSR and NCRB Telegma are 18 points.

The second round of the US took 18 points. The difference in terms of beauty and goal difference with +7 after +3 for both teams. The Kabbalis derby against ninth Amaze Ambassador is the 9th biggest beneficiary of the nine-day BBB.

Because of the presence of locals in the local club, Zero zero scored three points from two pointers to the red and black from the US. As a result MBBS ranks sixth with 14 points. In the U.S., USUSA ranked fifth by Hydra. He took home competition against another cabling club JS Azagay.

This club, which has been defeated after four games, is in the hands of HAC at Amacuros 6 points, but the opponent's opponent-9 is in the opposite.

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