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FC Barcelona – Valencia CF: Potential compounds

Viewers at Benito Villamarine have to make their money tonight. FC Barcelona The Kings Cup final between Barça and Valencia Siphini is impressive on paper. Barcelona's Spanish Champion Barcelona has won a hat-trick in national football (Spanish Super Cups have also been won in August). La Liga's fourth club qualifies for the next Champions League and wants to win the trophy in this beautiful season.

Hoseop Maria Bartomeo recently gained a chance of gonna beating Ernesto Vellardier to silence his critics. The Spanish technician must beat Jasper Cillesse 4-3-3 to make it to win. In front of us, we will find the pin and the lennet in the usual central key. On the side, Sergi Roberto left the road and Jerti Alba on the left.

Ousmane Dembélé uncertainty, Samuel Umadi of bench?

In midfield, racquet, busquets, and vidals will start this tournament. Finally, they will have to play their final match after the Catalan title. Lionel Messi and Kodinho will be with the previous board. This match is still uncertain for Osmanine Dempel. Valencia CF's side and Marcelino 4-4-2. On the Goals, the joint Domain Meeting will begin. Guerra and Gabriel police were in front of him.

On the right side of the defense, the PC will arise on the left side of the Gai bag. In the middle of the age, Parjum and Coquel stood in front of the defense. On the right, Carlos Solar would open the final and the Left would have gonsula gained. Eventually, the game must be deployed by Deo and Rodriguez. Every situation seems to witness a spectacular encounter. Which team will you play in the night? Responding from 9 o'clock …

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