Monday , May 29 2023

Children who have a heart attack are more likely to be obese than adults



  • All traumas experienced in childhood affect health in adolescence and youth.
  • Victims are more likely to be addicted to tobacco or to sweet and fatty products during stressful times.

Obesity is not a lack of willpower, but a mental illness. Japanese researchers recall this in a study. Thanks to a survey of adults, they were able to identify the various causes of this overweight. While many studies around the world examine the multi-factor origins of obesity, this is the first time such research has been conducted in Japan.

More women than men

To achieve that, Professor Yoshikasu Tamori, director of studies from the Kobe University School of Medicine, and his team analyzed 20,000 Japanese responses between the ages of 20 and 64. Life and health. Among women, they found that there were significant differences between obesity and others: employment, socio-economic status, level of education, extracurricular activities, college and high school, and difficulties encountered in childhood. These include physical abuse by parents, malnutrition, and emotional trauma. Women who have experienced them as well as those with low socio-economic status or lack of education a The risk of obesity is high.

Impact with multiple effects

All traumas experienced in childhood affect the health and well-being of adults. Victims are more likely to be addicted to tobacco or to sweet or fatty products during stressful times. According to Professor Tamori, there are several explanations for the high risk of obesity in women affected by this violence. “There are differences in the way men and women want weight, He explains. Slim is more easily associated with health and beauty in women compared to men.

Stop hints of obesity

This study echoes the new recommendations published by Canadian bariatric doctors and surgeons in the summer of 2020. They aim to help obese people in the best possible way and stop being held responsible for their illness. “Food is an antidepressant, an addiction that often occurs when we fail to cure an initial illness, a major emotional impact, a poor diagnosis, a genetic inheritance, or a hormonal deficiency. There are a thousand reasons that lead to obesity “, Specialists conclude.

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