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Bowie case: the verdict


Credit: DR.

After a number of trials, Kasablanka's first institute court in court, editor of Akbar al Yum, Taufeeq Bouchin, in the case,

Toufik Baccharin was sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment and a fine of 200,000 to face trial for rape, rape and trafficking in human beings.

The president's court suspended the trial, so declared the end of the closed session. Many journalists have entered the courtroom to steal statements from advocates. Before the trial, his last attorney admitted that he had "sex relations" with his work against his gentle regime and that he had been written against his free administration. .

BUDCAINE AFFER: The General Prosecutor Office asks for the skill of videos

498,499 and 503-1 were criminals and 8 images of criminal films and video footage, 50 CDs on CD and digital media were used for recording sexual harassment, recruitment of persons for prostitution, use of pregnancy, photographs and films, fines 498,499 and 503-1.

Toufek Bochrich, appearing in the recordings of the video, assured the complainant and the complainant that the expertise of the Technical Laboratory in the National Journal of Prosecution proved. There was another comment to defend the culprits. Mohammad Ziyan comments that the pictures depicting the pictures taken by the authorities in the month of Ramadan are depicted in "darkness", and this does not allow the actors to distinguish.

The "Judgment" of the Royal Juntar's Laboratory is not even appealing: "65 videos are authentic." Additionally, the day of arrest was taken by a prosecution on a hard drive. Not the owner of the captured items (camera, hard drive). Boucher did not deny any connection with the videos he had taken.

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During the trial, the complaint of the complainant, although some opponents withdrew the prisoners, was an important evidence against him. Faced with some testimony, we would like to release Bowie's Casablanca Court of Appeal. In the absence of a clear defensive strategy, Bochker's lawyers tried to "politely investigate" the trial. The Boehine retaliation was explained to be the victim of a political-judicial machine.

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