Thursday , September 29 2022

Benbdolla, Ben-Keken, and Moul Hicham … The protection of the victims does not appreciate Bochrich's support.


During a press conference, the trial in Casablanca is an advocate for the victims of the Taufik Bokacharan trial.

The Casablanca Court of Appeal was awarded 12 years imprisonment, 200,000 fine and a compensation of some victims. The FIR was lodged with eight accused for misusing power for sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.

In a press conference for "enlightenment of public opinion", the lawyers of the victims trial for 9 months and 80 cases from 8 to 12 hours each. The court pointed out that the media and media have repeatedly failed in this case.

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At that time, the victimized women's attorneys declared that they had decided to appeal to "protect women from sexual exploitation and stop their attacks". Because some have tried, in this case, the political nature of the case. "They promised to" surprise "the appeals process, saying," It's a great deal from making the social and mental damages that are all paralyzed by their animals. "

Answers to Bochikaran's support

After the verdict, many politicians and civil society declared their surprise and anger. Some have condemned "a political trial that shows that justice reorganization is not zero." Boucher's followers intervened to defend victims, and they tried to influence the judicial system and politicize the process. One of the advocates referred to Benabedellah in NP PP, Maula Ismail El Aloi and Ishtiqlal's Mehmed El Khalifa, was "expelled and retired".

As part of this, lawyer Fathima Sohra Chowhi believes that publication of Mouli Hitchin's tweet is a serious violation and an intervention in the judicial system. At the press conference, they confirmed that the princess was still trying to take advantage of the opportunity to harm the Princess.

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