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As a rare cause of allergic reaction, this woman should warm herself in winter

Every winter, a Canadian Canadians live? In fact, she is rarely infected with cold temperatures from tuberculosis infections, or even allergic resistance.

Each and every one is allergic to winter. It is quite normal, even men want to get up in the thoracic, rather than get up and go to work – often in the dark and cold weather.

Nevertheless, some of us can claim a claim Bodily Winter Allergies, such as 21-year-old Canadian orange currant, The girl is in troubleCold urticariaA situation where the temperatures are thin or broken with cold temperatures.

Even with a cold wind or cold water, this can affect the disease itself. In some cases, like Arianna's, anaphylactic shock has a risk – a deadly allergy remedy.

When she was 14, she found that the first symptoms of this disease had been discovered. Since then, she has been lying in a low level of baroque.

She said:

" If I drink cold, I can feel this in my throat, it is calm and stressful, if I eat ice cream. "

Some people doubt, and do not believe that all these types of allergies exist.

She said:

" Some professionals have no idea, I'm mad. "

She explains the state of pope and her feelings:

" This is a fast process, and it starts with a pin size somewhat in my hand.

It burns my skin and burning in my throat, you are like a lung and a breath of lung for breathing.

It looks like something is in your chest. I can do a complete anaphylactic shock, so I need to wear an epiphany.

If I do not have medical examination and my throat is tight, I have a serious risk. "

Even with Ernina Avoid foods containing histamineCheese, yogurt, pickles, pineapple, fermented foods, etc.

When she asked why she did not move in a hot country, she responded These symptoms can also trigger a cool air condition or even a windy day can walk. According to ABC News, this rarely affects the rare disease One in 100,000.

Doctor of Asthma and Allergies Center Bill Landing says:

" These skin cells or allergic cells cause you to treat allergies, such as cats, drugs, and cats.

Being cold or soda with an ice cube or activating mast cells, you can have bees if you have cold or temperatures.

Urticaria can be treated with bentral, but if it is not enough, it can cause inflammation in throat respiratory problems.

Now, those with cold arthritis have no proper treatment. However, strong anti-hormamine helps reduce the symptoms.. "

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