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Antibiotic resistance: WHO is afraid of "PostStatus Biodiversity"


In November 2018, 12 World Health Organization warns against the hazardous increase of antibiotic consumption in some countries. In other areas overuse, "superbages" are "deadly.

Antibiotics saved tens of thousands of bacteria to effectively deal with bacteriological diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis and meningitis found in the 1920s. For decades bacteria have been used to treat these drugs. "Antibiotic resistance is the most dangerous threat to global health, food security and development today"WHO worries about WHO."Diseases that are responsible for the increase of pneumonia, tuberculosis, sepsis and gonorrhea can sometimes become more difficult for extraordinary treatment due to loss of efficiency of antibiotics."Warns about the organization,Normal infections and small cuts will be harmful again during the period of no accident".

Consumption of antibiotics is high

"Oxygenation and Anti-Conversion of Antibiotics are the main causes of contaminationSusan Hill, head of WHO Essential Medication Unit, said that antibiotics in patients with no need to protect bacteria can be prevented. Their treatment provides an opportunity to survive and develop bacteria. On the contrary,Patients are given the complete treatment or inferior or ill"The report points out.

Consumption of consumption in the WHO report on the data for 2015 is collected in over 65 countries and territories. More than a thousand dozen Mongolia in a thousand population per 1,000 population in Burundi everyday. "These differences indicate that some countries have many antibiotics, while others do not have enough access to these drugs."The World Health Organization warned in a statement.

Europe. In Europe, more than 1000 people visit 18 DJJJ to Turkey, (38DDJ). Ageserzan (8DDJ) five times more than the rank. However, the WHO evaluated four African, three Middle East and six Asia-Pacific countries. Those who have not participated in these studies in the US, China and India have a large role.

Save time

"Without effective antibiotics and other antibiotics, we lose our ability to deal with common infections like pneumonia"Susanne Hill warns."We have to develop and utilize our immune system. The available antibioticsDr. Mark Spencer of the Anti-Virus Resistance Secretariat of the World Health Organization,Always at the end of the treatment, even if you feel better, because the treatment is long before you promote the growth of drug-resistant bacteriaWHO also limits infection to spread infection, "Immunization, hand wash, safe sex, good food and sanitation"Other Tips: Do not Ask Antibiotics Against the Advisory Advisory, Prepare Food"Five keys for healthy food (clean, special raw and cooked food, well-cooked, and keep the ideal temperature)".

What should he do at his level? The answer to this WHO's infographic, click here.

Find new treatments

Probability will affect anyone in any country at any age. There have been warnings that the world was effectively going out of the antibiotics. Last year, the specialized agencies in the United Nations to fight against the intensely-defensive "superbags" with states and big companies. "Time runs out", Concludes Dr. Mark Spenger.


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