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AfWlu and Massan implement the project "Date to Power"


The purpose of this partnership is to pursue African desktops, especially in the development of renewable energy technologies, in the Saheli region where the goal of "deserts" is achieved.

African Development Bank Group Chair (AFDBBorg), Aninvimi Adseena, Masan President (Mazan Mama)Moroccan Agency for Sustainable EnergyA letter was signed on November 7, 2018 to ensure their new cooperation under the Program "Deserts". The first day of Africa Investment Forum (Africa Investment Form.com) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The purpose of this partnership is to assist in the development of the "deserts" in the development of energy technologies that are most suitable for African countries, particularly their natural systems and their needs. Special energy.

Major expertise in the development of energy projects that can be renewed through the experience of African Development Bank in this sector, especially knowledge sharing, capacity building, experience, technical support, renewable energy development, and compile resources.

"Morocco is an example of renewable energy," said Anvismi Adseena, when the deal was approved by the president of African Development Bank. "When I visited the North Auracetes complex (BitLalai / 2qwvLo5), I was attracted to the bank and invested in the Moroccan capabilities, which proved that African great things can be done." We asked Morocco to support us from the "skirt" that we are developing in Sahel. This is a strategic partnership that integrates leadership and technical skills. We will add to efforts to make electric power to Africa. "

MASON President Mastafa Bakur said, "The development of the MASAN and the redeveloped energy on the African continent is a key to building energy and renewable energy for dynamic development activities, integral growth driver and this partnership with the African Democratic Bank is a determination to achieve this goal.

We will put together efforts to get electricity for Africa

The signing of this new agreement was attended by Moroccan Economics and Finance, Mohamed Benjaboun, Salahuddin Masaur, President of CEREM General Confederation of Enterprises. Morocco Administrator Abdelmajid Meloukki, Director General Mohammed Essasi, Director General of North Africa, and Leila Mokdam, Morocco's head of state.

"Our expertise should be able to shine across continents," said Mohammed Benjaboon, stressing how the relationship between Man and Bank reflects South-South cooperation.

A key partnership, Salahhedine Mesura responded: "Today, African model of Africa is a model, like the Africans.

The Bank is an expression of a desire to strengthen good cooperation with Morocco. Electricity projects (solar, wind, hydroelectric projects) in the country's $ 1 billion to 80% shareholders in the bank's energy portfolio.

Noor Overseas I (160 MW) Noor Overseas Solar Complex (BitLeft / 2va VVA) Africa Development Bank is the main financial contribution. It contributes 30% of the total cost of investment. The company contributes to Noor Oversat II (200 MW) Noor Overseas III (150 MW) for Financing.

Morocco aims to increase the share of renewable energy by 2030 with an energy mix of up to 52%. Africa's enhanced energy development accelerates Africa. In the context of sustainable and comprehending growth, it is encompassing energy consolidation, especially with the development of 13 co-operative activities with African countries, of which five are targeted by "electricity for electricity".

More specifically, this activity helps to develop the Nuclear Developer in Africa (BitLight / 2AREyGZ), which aims to fully generate 10 GW output capacity from renewable energy sources. 2025.

The first African Investment Promotion Project, the first African Development Bank of Africa (AIF), was the first step towards implementing the African Africa Development Project. Africa includes corrector and private sector. Transactions can be completed by reducing the risks associated with large-scale investments and intermediate fees. This initial investment path in Africa is held on November 9, 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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