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Two teams are thinking of Sugaroni in Mexico :: L Litorial – News – Santa Fe – Argentina


The two teams of interim coaches in the national team were selected for training in ceremonies at Córdoba and Mendoza.

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The FIFA Scholar Pro has two teams that intercepted the two teams in the Cordoba, Mendoza, Cuba and the two teams intercepted by the interim coach of the national team. The two teams of interim coaches in the national team were selected for training in ceremonies at Córdoba and Mendoza.

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Argentine national coach Lionel Sculoni has been named twice for the two sides for the two sides who are not opposing Mexico. The match will be held in Cordoba and Mendoza on Friday.

Despite initial experiments, the first team to suspend Scholai was abandoned because the former teammate, George Sampothi, was the field at the World Cup in Russia, as he formed it in the form of a column.

The first group was Geronimo Rule; Emmanuel Mammana, Juan Foyeth, Nicholas Tagliafico; Franco Serve, Santiago Askascar, Franco Waskes, Angel Correa; Rodriguez de Paul; Maro Igor, Geovani Shimin.

The 3-4-1-2 system is a good foot for players who are mentioned above. A recoverable wheel, such as the Ascisbar, and other three games are included. Simonon.

Another group has already come back to a traditional system, which is in two and four lines, and the "unusual" historian, Sampoli, and Augustine Marcin. Renzo Saravia, German Pecella, Ramio Phoenix Mori, Marcus Aqua; Landro Pardis, Giovanni Lo Celso; Eric Lamela, Paulo Dibala, Roberto Perera; Lautator Martinez.

4-2-3-1 more powerful resistance. But midfielder plays the match. One of two brands, "Durd-five", Pearce, and La Celso

Although they did not make any of the two teams, two other bowlers participated in the training. Sergio Romero, best known for the national team, never known Paulo Gasanaica, Scott, coach English Tottenham Hotspur and Maurice Pocettin. All three players and centurion Walter Kannman made their debut in the tournament. Geston Jimenez, along with SuperLige against soap Lorenzo, is a flu image rather than Maximiliano Messi.

Gabriel Merkado was not part of either team because he arrived yesterday morning, but the day ended, with his assistant Pablo Aymar and Walter Samuel. , Coach of goalkeeper, Martin Tocali, and physical trainer Louis Marin.

Three players who were part of the initial call were discharged by Nicola Otamendi, Eduardo Salvio and racinguist youth (20 years) Matías Zaracho.

The activities of the AFA program will culminate on Thursday morning. Then, Technician will give a press conference, and the afternoon will go to Cordoba for a delegation.

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