Wednesday , September 28 2022

Twitter CEO His social network was the most demanded button. That's close to reality


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the end of 2016 with the company's vision of creating a Twitter editing button. In an incident in New Delhi, it is useful to take note of the uses of the edit buttons before it happens and help them correct the Typographical Errors.

"The edit button needs to be noted, and a lot of people want to edit because they want to correct their mistake, like a typing a false or incorrect URL, and more practical than allowing people to edit tweets over time," Dorsey said.

It may be because of the limited edition of Twitter that someone may have a controversy – perhaps a controversial or offensive – later. Dorsy points out that Twitter wants to solve a problem and Twitter wants to "see friction in the service".

"We were thinking about this time, we should do the right way, we can not get busy," said the Executive Director, adding that people would not be able to hide or remove anything from the public record.

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