Tuesday , March 9 2021

They cover the body of the Patriarch

ChihuahuaPatrick Andrew Broxton, a tourist researcher in the US, was found dead on Wednesday morning in a gorge in the Gwaliana city. The body was cremated at about six km from the town of Uri. In the office of the prosecutor

Unfortunately, the confirmation about the family's finding through the open page from the disappear day.

"We are sure that Patrick's body can be recovered and we will be able to take him home soon", they were silenced in the letter written yesterday 9:30.

Based on information found by police and uri residents, a 34-year-old child is located in the morning at ten in the morning.

When I was buried with murderers, I was trying to hide the evidence.

The discovery would have been possible due to references provided by the municipal police forces in recent years to appear before the public ministry.

Some agents are believed to be able to detect information.

Six policemen from Uri have shifted to the capital to question Friday. The great operation of the Ministry of Labor and Canon Bonumios (K9) was concentrated in a hidden location in the body. Prosecutor Cesar Augusto Penicu and State Security Commissioner Oscar Arazio confirmed the information related to Andendo.

However, the source within the unit has been handed over to the Forensic Service Agency (C4) at the State Security Complex to hand over the comprehensive analysis and family.

At the interview with the North Carolina media, The Charlotte Observer, the parents of Patrick Brextton announced the death of his son in the hands of an organized crime boss, with his son's residences.

"The tragedy that may happen is that, and we do not know why it's happening," said Gary Andrew in his interview. Last night, Missing / Missing Facebook Page – Patrick Brexton – Andrew, they announced that the remnant of the young US returned shortly.

Prior to the discovery, the prosecutor's officers and the governor of the state were not informed that Patrick was killed.

In the ad statement, behind the murder of the elite, "El Chueco", Sinaloa Cartel, was especially attached to a party. The purpose of the crime is not officially established.

On October 28, two days after the arrival of Urique, Patrick began to travel through the town of Braxton. He is believed to have entered a hotel. Emigrants named Barranca de Eurek are members of the "El Shuco" group.

According to the information from Governor Javier Corral, the hotel was related to a river known as La Playita. The more evidence of the event that took place on the day of his murder is to reveal the dead body.

Davidson and his family and friends in North Carolina first became Patrick Bruxton. He describes as a person of travel, Latin American culture, people, and language. So he was a Spanish teacher at Davidson College.

Mexico visits the dying day, traveling to the Chepaenai train and choosing Chiauhua to find out Syria. I first went to the gorge. Jose Noiral Portillo Gill, known as "El Shooga", has not yet taken over.

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