Saturday , June 10 2023

Tatiana Clouthier assumes that she will finish the retirement of former presidents and Calderon will protect her from cancerous children


After Lieutenant-General Morena, Tatiana Clouthier, will be happy at the end of the previous chairmen 's pension.

The former president Felipe Calderón It meant that this money was donated, and the children of the association "Aquí nadie sur rende" would no longer have it.

Probably Calderon, this money in some cases supported and cured dozens of cancerous children.

In networks, they ask you to enter your money

However, one comment on the Twitter He was now the former president with his own money and no tax.

Although it was protected by another user Calderon when he confirmed that Calderón's money was a "law".

This answer has raised several criticisms of Calderón, pointing out that there is no "law".

Other users have said that with this decision many followers Andrés Manuel are happy.

"He saved millions by fulfilling his constitutional obligations by offering a free and quality health system, but he decided to" save "the dozens of his pensions, which does not seem smart," Mariana said.

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