Wednesday , October 5 2022

Sends a precise message to the pell dumbello


Barcelona striker Osman Dumbello recently focused on Barcelona. He delayed last week's training. Last week he suffered a stroke in the club. He learned about his condition.

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In the last weekend, Barca should not be called a raid for the match against Batis.

Barcelona's former captain Carles Puyol was questioned about Dumbelley's delay.

"I do not know two-hour traffic, and two hours late, when I arrived … Dumbled is young, I'm not in a locker room and I do not know every day, since Barcelona is not able to accept it easily, wherever all the media are not able to accept it.

"Here you will be training one day, and the world seems to have ended, he will have to learn and help good teachers, and it depends on your mood, and it's important for you to reflect and think where you are, because you do not understand what you're doing when you're young," said former Australian The legendary footballer Sant San Joaquin decided to spend money against Cancies.

FC Barcelona One handler named handing the dressing room in the name of Puyol said:

"There is a lot of Elolas in the management of a warden because there are many problems, we believe that we all are good and we should play." It's a good idea to play and respect, but always respected the group above. "

Finally, he was questioned about some of Gerard Pikki's statements. During the mercury stage of his career, he pointed out that night and night he was a football player.

"Gerard realized that you would continue playing football 24 hours a day, but when he said, it was very important for me to play for me, and I played football for 24 hours a day and we wanted to enjoy some of them."

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