Tuesday , March 28 2023

New Orleans ends with the uninterrupted Ramz



Michael Thomas The 72-yard touch reception along the end of the game took place on a cell phone and another popular drama's style Saints of New OrleansThe first defeat in the season added Los Angeles Rams They are beaten up to 45-35.

Drew Bryce has won 346 and 4 touchdowns in his seventh straight 7-1 win over New Orleans. In the history of franchise, Thomas yielded 211 records to get a new record.

The incident happened only after breaking the relationship between Breslau and Thomas in the NHL's top two crimes.

Thomas's long touchdown played in the third half of four minutes. The monks expected to send the first ten or more players in the sixth ball.

The first loss was given to the visitors returning from the worst situation of 35-21 before going to rest. Bryce managed to win against their fans and got their control in order to win their seventh victory.


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