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Marco Cortes is the next national leader of the PAN


79% vote, Marko Cortes Mendoza In 2018-2021, the National Action Party (PAN) was elected as the next national leader.

At a press conference, Sesilia Romero, President of Pan Electoral Commission, had 70 percent of the vote and Marco Cortez 79 percent of the vote, 21 percent Manual Gomes Morin.

He said 60 percent of the pan membership was participated at the national level and final results would be announced on Tuesday.

In an interview with Publimo Prior to the election, he assured him that the party would recover the unity within the party, so he would work in the material and shape of the material and the contents of the body. External pressure

"We are not going to elect a electoral alliance with regard to extremism, they will say they should listen and say, the new results do not allies, the PAN has been in the last 18 years."

A warmth to power

Courts said the challenge was to identify the party in the right direction. "The pan needs to be united, and Mexico can act national action."

He also added that as a party, Andres Manuel Lopez should remain one of the main opposition political powers of the next government of Oberadór.

"Mexico is not Venus, but this autocratic state will not allow us to take us under the circumstances of my brother's brother," he said. He gave an invitation to former Pans who want to go back to Ambiussu.

More than 60% participated and his success disappeared. But he admitted that future challenges, including unprecedented elections in Monterrey, would not be easy.

PAN invited the rival Manuel Gomes Mor to become part of his work in the political committee and denied him a Twitter account.

Your suggestions

Former Federal Deputy, "Return to Mexico within 30 days", visited the intensity of nationality for the next three years to reveal his political platform.

The main issues are:

  • The president and secretary of the Party are full time: they can not attend any type of election when they have been elected for three years.
  • Change the rules. This creates a regulated embedding, and when it comes to a project like a leadership or a candidate, a formula takes everything.
  • Once the party's training is restarted, we need to recreate the pan that we understand about principles, values, ideas and ideas.
  • The code of the nuclear code does not happen again to support a candidate from another party or party. All militants support pan candidates even if their election candidate has not won or is unsuited.
  • Bring back the pan to internal dominance. The role of leadership must be an exception
  • Opening Affiliation Anyone who wants to join anyone can work without interruption.
  • Government pans model. Make a model for creating trust and approval in their governments.

Great opportunity

According to Sociologist and specialist Mary Eugenia Valdez Vega, UAM's election process says that because of bad weather after the election on July 1, institute is coming for rebuilding in very difficult climates.

"If there were any correct or calculated calculation, they never thought of the victory of the opponent, they did not respond so much and they allied themselves with the Left parties (PRW-M)," said the publication.

How should the new party leadership be?

– To stop the criticism of the pan and override the majority of the opponents, it is now "Mona", in order to unite their responsibility and personality with the responsibility of "responsibility" from the "hidden woods".

They do not act as a successful party, they are the only ones responsible for government. Its limit is fixed, effective moderate, and boosting flags representing those who do not vote for the government.

What is voting on this Sunday?

If the PND and the PRI are part of the base Mexican political system that has been a critical conscience for the party for many years now it will need a rebound. Democracy is an institution that is not only a matter of choice but a majority that can act on the majority, it helps the government to come to power.

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