Friday , March 24 2023

Kindlefour portal for Electronic Complaints begins


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Mexico City Now it is possible to clarify complaints regarding physical and online purchases. Electronic Complaints Portal has enacted the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services (CONDUF).

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39 banking institutions in the delt and credit cards also opened the portal to submit a complaint and clarifications to the customers in addition to the payroll account.

Users can file complaints for unauthorized consumption, cancellation of inappropriate products, an unauthorized ATM provision, and investment without resorting to account balance balance.

To use an internet platform you must first register your complaint, current official identification (digitized), latest account statement, an email address, and CURP.

Complaint has to be submitted, date, amount and other details.

You need to have CUR and official identification to use the portal.
Once you have completed the registration of the complaint, you will be advisor to the trustee of Guaranteed confirming that all the factors you need. If so, the complaint will be sent to the concerned financial institution and get a maximum of 25 working days for a response.

Through the portal you can find the status of the process, in fact banks must send an email without your feedback, and considering that the contract does not arrive, reconciliation.

On the contrary, if you do not agree with the source of financial institution, you can start a reconciliatory process when you go to Sub-Delegates of Condúos.

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