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Juan Gabriel's brother is supported

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Silvia Urduzi defends Jabvari's brother Pablo Aguilera. Because Ledo de Judez dislikes him out of the house mentioned by Guillermo Poussu of Alpundo or Aguellera.

"They are a lie, what do they do to the man, and it is an injustice, Juan Gabriel was invited to do the job and was asked to take over some of the bisinasukaleyum the home. This means that the hands of an e-mail asking for Juan Gabriel's life, to understand how they can take to learn how to pose, Alberto and their property and the requirement to protect their business And they said implicated him pettappeal.

Sylvia points out that there is nothing to do with Juan Gabriel: "Alberto is such a good person that they do not see what they are doing with their wealth and ask him to give all the property for more than 70 years and not man.

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