Wednesday , March 22 2023

Influenza of San Luis Potosi; Please confirm the six cases


In San Luis Potosi, health insurance has been stepped up to prevent new cases, and cold stems are given in low temperatures.

"We are now starting with only 6 confirmed cases of influenza, we have registered three cases last week," said Fernando Hernandez, head of the Epidemiological Monitoring Department of the Ministry of Health.

At present 162 thousand vaccines have been applied to health insurance influenza. There are 750,000 doses available in the state and 21.5%.

"We keep an adidological observation system active in our units and our hospitals are monitoring the overall health of influenza," said Fernando Hernandez, Epidemiological Monitoring Officer in the Ministry of Health.

There have been four deaths in influenza in Mexico during the international era

In winter, influenza implements physical allopathy. Good participation. We hope all people continue, "said a nurse in the Ministry of Health, Montante.

The prediction of the cold front will keep the cold on the seventh doors, state protection coordination will set up temporary shelters across the state.

"Most of the state has 250 shelters, most of the refugees live here," Civil Protection Director Ignazio Benavent said.

On Monday, the capital of Potosi was 5 degrees Fahrenheit even as the temperature was at 8 degrees Celsius and at zero the highest.

In Guerrero, lung diseases increased by 50%

Details from Jose Aguilar Nolola


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