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In Europe, Google News is at risk of using the 11th-app Copyright


Madrid, Spain.- Controversial Copyright law That's right EU As already approved, Google Follow Under stress At the height Officials For Avoid It takes the form too Control It is possible

Last week I gave the root a twist Article 13 With YouTube, We can warn you Get lost That Access To a side Bigger That's right Content Currently available.

Now the focus is on the signature Google News. Richard Ginrass, Video President The division says news portal can Close it Inside Europe Depending on the final representation of sub-section (11) of this Act Copyright.

This article refers to an implantation Rate To Link Or not Compilation Content fit Just just one Reproduction In it HoldersIn the style of Google News.

This is something that can not be surprised by Google News 2014 In response to the approval Canon AEDE.

It seems to be not the best Counterfeiting For The media Has been lost 15 percent From next traffic Week To implement the measure.

This controversial copyright law is recognized in a PrimaryBut it must still continue Sure Next January For European Parliament In the meantime the discussion continues.

The window of opportunity to do this Utilize it Google so does not have the most controlled form Smooth Its Application.

Jingrass himself states:

We can not make a decision until we see the final draft. "

In Spain, it states that Google News has been closed for similar reasons:

We do not want it to happen in Europe. We want to work together with the parties involved now. "

News Vice President says proposed rate Could not Impact Both Capacity In it New sites Find stories Audience That way by Google Users Way Find out That News They stand by

Finally, remember not in Google News Model In it Active monetization, So they are They will not succeed Payment through the service.

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