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Harvard astronomers claim that Omuva is an alien spacecraft


Ouuamama's fun commute
Ouuamama's fun commute

At first it was considered a comet. Then they made sure that it did not work. But in 2012, the Panes-1 telescope has been found to have been seized.

This is a gathering of a group of astronomers at Harvard, after investigating the massive objects, the first being from the other galaxy. When they tried to study it, the object came back from the solar system, so it could not be carefully monitored. They were mistaken, they spin faster, faster than slow downAs he progresses, he is "Independent."

Astronomers have concluded that the concept of astronomers on a given object is that the object was passed through space and that the Sun was getting energy. If that is the case, that space will be a space craft of aliens: A complete activity can be investigated by deliberate sending deliberately into the Earth's premises It's a foreigner. "

A new study published by the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Center, Shmuel Bialy and Abhreem Loeeb, discusses how solar energy can be used to fuel the object as it moves in space.

They calculated that the accuracy of the material that they had analyzed was too thin or too large. This technology has been researching for years, and the spacecraft can travel in outer space at high speeds.

They have already developed elsewhere, indicating that they can transmit cargo between stars or stars. With a distant possibility, they added, that Ouumavam was an inquiry sent intimately by the land of a foreigner through a civilization.

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