Friday , September 30 2022

Experts demand AMO to respect the banking self-governance


Roberto del Quito, deputy governor of the Bank of Mexico, submitted his resignation to the Board of Governors of the Central College. Elected President Andres Manuel Lopez Oberador, Must be sent A signal of biological autonomy For his title.

Manuel Sanchez, former consultant to Bangsco, It's very important if someone is going to approach deputy governor, "he said Make markets in markets About how autonomy was built.

"The most important thing in a central bank Use not only in the letter of the law but also practically its independence. This autonomy depends on individuals who make decisions, it is very important to see this person Free and well prepared"Said Financier Bloomberg in an interview.

Del Quito Legagaspi resigned his resignation on the President's health This post will be postponed for November 30, 2018. In this early farewell AMLO, at the start of his government, the bank opens the door to suggest a new member of the board.

In addition, he will be nominated Jonathan Heath In place of Manuel Ramos Francaia, the board has the word of who ends this year.

Secretary of the Economy Edelifonzo Gjardo said that the senate is in the Senate to strengthen and protect the autonomy of Mexico. Autonomy Strengthening the structure of firms.

"The structure and its autonomy are to be respected and successful," Gajardo said.

Specially, President of the Senate Economy CommitteePanstified Guatemala Maduro, ensured that bangkok's autonomy was at stake. Lops Oberador can be appointed to the Board of Directors for a period of five years.

I have a great deal of self-rule with the constitutional autonomous bodies. In the background of the previous decisions that the market was concerned about as an issue for canceling the airport, the names to replace him are anxious for me, "Madero said.

Economists of financial institutions and rating agencies will follow the nominee's nomination because his decisions have influenced the local economic markets.

"We have a lot of confidence in the banking institution at this time to ensure the need for sustainable fiscal fluctuations, and we still have a lot of confidence, so it's not a problem, we know what will happen with new appointments," said Felix Boney, director of the HR Ratings Association of Financial.

Director Gabriela Sillar of the Bank of Economic Analysis said that the announcement is uncertain about the market and it is clear that the future of the ministry is not aware of its position.

Information from Jazeel Waldemaker, Victor Pis, Edwardo Ortega

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