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Diabetes, what do experts say? Diabetes, what do experts say?


Diabetes The doctor told Gorge that the patient had diabetes and the patient died with his laughter. The illness gets worse for him, a great man, emotionally, and I'm never suffering.

The wife advised, the children advised, finally they knocked on their shoulders, the daughter-in-law's house came home, familiar with old television programs and real life experiences.

However, Jorge continued to black, the Apereas had a meal, from time to time, less, ice cream, and sweet sources …

Intermediate to illustrate

Diabetes (Greek melee (μέλι) = honey) (DM): Stop to know what the classics say about diabetes. (DM): This is a set of metabolic disorders. The presence of a major alcohol glucose is one of the major causes of glucose production, a deficiency in the production of insulin, either permanently or over time, to prevent glucose production or glucose production. It is also unusual in lipids protein, mineral salts, and electrolytes and metabolism.

Under the medical criterion, diabetes creates a complexity in many organ systems. Involvement of blindness, involvement of completely unsuccessful kidneys, diagnosis of dialysis, blood transfusions, loss of lower elements, cardiovascular disease, acute mycordial infarction, cerebral compromise and intestinal irrigation. However, the most important complications influence the peripheral and autonomic nervous system.

All of this is a huge burden on the patient and the entire public health system.

The main symptoms of diabetes include urine (polyuria), nutrient demand increases unusual, thirst (polypypsia) and weight gain. Sometimes these three symptoms are treated as diabetes (polaria, polyphagia, polypypsia, 3 p administration). Majority of these people indicate diabetes as the population is the most common.

As we have seen, it is a serious problem, but my friend laughs at laughing.

What's happening with food?

Nutritionists say: A diet rich in omega, omega 3, and antioxidants are essential. After that, if you have a sympathetic disease and have a hard time dealing with diabetics, it is essential for diabetes.

"50% eat food to control glucose metabolism," said a nutrition expert, Clinicians Del Ashorcar, Josélin Heredia who writes this disease for a better treatment. It is part of the major constituents for the treatment of diabetes. This is the basic step of prevention of disease. It recognizes Nancy Rewa, a spokesman for the Mexican Diabetes Association.

Our diet should contain lots of fiber, omega 3 and antioxidant. The diet should be different, balanced, full, adequate, safe and adequate. Low levels of cholesterol, saturated fat, simple physical bodies, spices, and sodium are lower.

According to experts, the list should contain the following foods to improve metabolism and to prevent development.

Vegetables Beans, lentils, chilli and beans are good because it contains a lot of ingredients. It is rich in magnesium and potassium. "Clinton Dell Axcaker's Josele Hedriya says," Half a cup of recommendation is one day we use all cancer instead of five grams of fiber.

Dark green greens vegetables: "This kind of vegetables contain many antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which helps to increase gluteus and cholesterol levels of triglyceride." Herdiya said, "It is generally recommended to use some sort of vegetables.

Citrus: Over the past 30 years, studies have shown that the use of fiber in the diet can help reduce glycemia. Carla Martin, a nutrition specialist at the Mexican Diabetes Association, said: "You should not take them with the juice because when you exploit them, the sugar concentration prevails," said Carla Martin, a Mexican diabetes associate. They were furious in their fibers When it comes to, they are recommended from Clínicas del Azúcar.

Sweet potato (sweet potato or sweet potato) It is a deceitful supplement because it is found to have healthy carbohydrates, but it has a lower glycemic index of potatoes. "We like them as tubers, the potato gets a little more lemon in the starch, sweet potatoes that eat relatively fiber," Heredia says. However, it is recommended to include this in moderation.

tomato: C, E, iron, and many other fibers are rich sources. "It contains lactose, which has antioxidants, so it's a very close relationship to keep the cells older and continue to maintain stiffness and can be used successfully with hypothyroidism, which helps prevent diabetes," said an expert.

High content of omega-3 fatty acids: "Omega 3 is a healthy fat that can help prevent cellular inflammation and help keep the heart healthy." If you do not have any financial means to include a supplement, they are the only drawback that is difficult to access because of costs, "he says.

Whole grains: In general, more dietary fiber foods are required to provide comprehensive references. "Oats is very good, it helps us to keep our heart healthy, and there are a lot of fibers and fiber to help reduce glucose levels."

Nuts The use of nuts, nuts, seeds, and oil helps reduce cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and diabetes, according to the Mexican Diabetes Association. It also contains almonds, groundnuts, walnuts, pistorios, fiber, potassium, magnesium, copper, vitamin E and arginine. "Very rare studies have been described in the short period, rich in nuts and seeds have been decreased in blood pressure, cholesterol, low density lipoproteins, glycosylated hemoglobin and glucose." Diabetic Carla Martin

Fat milk, curd: "This product, which contains less fat and cholesterol, can help prevent the growth of bad fat in your blood, which is recommended because it contains a lot of calcium and helps strengthen our bones and many people, including vitamin D, are already safe," he said.

Soy Zoya is a good ingredient in high-fat fatty foods in polyunsulcerated fat, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and low saturated fat. In addition, the protein and its soluble fiber will help glucose levels and kidney failure to help control diabetes and kidney disease. Soy milk contains Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, Folic acid-B 9 and Vitamin E. This is antioxidant. In addition, it does not appear on the vegetable patches of animal feed or allergies or substance of the animal's milk with the substance of the sugar. Nutrition advisor Laura Romero suggests that the neuralral clinic "to assess the soy consumption of one living with diabetes is the total amount of carbohydrates of his day."

George's story

Let's return to our initial story. What happened to Jorge? The cause of a gradual illness that does not look like a medical examination has had adverse effects on the perspective and cardiovascular system. He was led to special consultations at the Hermos Amygius Hospital in Havana. His efforts were to make arteries to propagate the arteries, but it was unsuccessful, but George's unknown ignorance led him to diagnose the surgery to cure his cardiac surgery. Just a few weeks before joining, Jorge suffered a heart attack and stopped laughing. (With information on specific sites and creator's files) (Note: Jorge has taken a case from real life, unfortunately he died in a provincial hospital in Muttanzawa, George was my nephew).


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