Sunday , April 2 2023

Damian Sepatha Senate quits coordination


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Damien Sepauda says that there are differences with Marco Courtses. The Senate bench will be separated from the "most healthy" coordination because you have examined the MLAs to make any decision by the new national leader "free".

AN In an interview given to Universal, he said he was only a few days back with the leader Marcello Torres, who was Ricardo Ana's successor in place of the President of Pakistan. But then he decided to leave the coordination.

Sepada Vida Ales added that he knows well as an ex-president of the definition that this definition should be free of charge.

He believed that personal decision would be taken without consulting Ricardo Ana. One believes that the Maurice Kurri vice co-ordinator is in his place.

"This is a personal decision and it is not my personal decision, it's my own decision and I have worked hard for these years to unite the parliamentary group and I have abandoned it with a clear vision as a strong opposition." The decision will be for Bench's future, "he said.

On September 23, the pan assured the press: "They do not want to" take the leadership of the League "because it was chosen by a law and after discussing with 24 senators," self "

Instead, when Taurus Coffey informed Daryan Sepande that he had been separated from the coordinator to sail Cortés afternoon, he should make a definition free.

Coffey Torres said: "Partition was a sign of maturity, a great height, my recognition and a gratitude for his achievements in the bench." He added and achieved unity, as Senator Powell said he would be able to go back to the parliamentary leadership.

In his social networks, former Coordinator of Marco Cortez Senators thanked Damien Sepaida for his generous support to the Senate in the current legislative assembly when he left parliamentary leadership.

"I appreciate the generosity of @Damianzepeda, and in the first phase of the 64th law, I recognize his leadership by coordinating @ Sinorresdelst Pan, and I will meet with our senators soon," the leader wrote.

In a video, Sepaida said: "A few days ago, a new nationalist candidate was elected to the National Action election, and I am confident that this decision is very important for the future party and the parliamentary group, which is my duty, the new president's decision to make the decision of the new president, There must be any groups with particular interests. "

The PAN national president has appointed parliamentary coordinators in accordance with the rules of the Party. After discussing with lawmakers, he was able to become a new Parliamentary Leader in Senate with the success of former governor Marko Courthouse of Puebla Rafael Morono Volley, to support the national leadership.

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