Tuesday , March 21 2023

Cleaning your child's pacifier with saliva will help prevent allergies, says study


Parents and caregivers are used to learn how to stabilize a child's magnetic field. When this happened with my first baby, it tried to clean the dirty hair by boiling water or washing the sink carefully. But when my second child was born, I got more excitement and some parents did something that might seem tired. My son's swish was pierced. I did not know at all, but as these new research suggests, my defense system can benefit.

According to new research by researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, their sewage treated by children is children with allergic reactions. Alexander Elian Abbau-Jowda's new masterpiece will be held at the annual meeting of the American scholar Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAI) in Seattle this week.

"We interviewed 128 mothers of mothers many times during the 18 months period. Their children's pacific"Abu Jouad said in a statement that 58 percent of the children used the Pachevars and 41 percent cleaned by the infertility (for example, the boiled water in the water), 72 percent cut off their hands, and 12 percent said the baby cleaned the baby's baby.

"Stimulating some microorganisms in the early stages of life stimulates the growth of the immune system and we know that it can protect against allergies."

The researchers found that immunoglobulin e and Ike were resistant to mothers pulled up by contraceptive pills. This antioxidant is associated with allergic reactions to the body, said Abou-jowe. Because of some exceptions, high-allergen conditions are likely to cause allergies and asthma.

Decrease in IgE levels and its protective effect against allergies continued for up to 18 months beginning from 10 months. Need more research to fully understand what is happening. But Abou Jouade is suspected of transferring microorganisms to help their child's health. The researchers also want to see the lowest fertilizer production these children are seeing in recent years.

Those who cook pastors will help prevent allergies, which is a miracle. A quest Published in 2016, the Amish kids have proven less likely to be allergic. It can cause a variety of infected people. They found that biting their nails and infants had less allergic reactions. These findings include "relativity theory", and the idea that an increase in patient and allergic patients around the world relates to the relative commitment of the relative (relative) to the community. So a little dirt will help our children.

"In the early stages of life, certain microorganisms can be affected by the growth of the immune system, and then allergic diseases"Said Abu Joude."An example of how parents can exchange children with healthy microorganisms is an example"

This new study suggests that the relationship between the baby's child and the child's child's child is associated. But despite IgE's low quality kids, drinking paciffe does not prove that lower eagle is making. Coexistence, as we know, does not always show no reason. Another point is that this research is based on what parents say. According to the study, 12 percent of people use this method to clean the pacemakers. If some women do not want to admit that they agree, the real estimate is even higher. It might be short. In any case, it can affect the results.

Finally, this research does not talk about the dangers of some juice. Take a pacifier from a floor or airport floor, then clean it up in your mouth and affect your parent or child with certain infectious diseases. Although this new study provides new and important information about the factors influencing the allergic reaction of a baby, it should not be treated as scientific recognition.

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