Wednesday , October 5 2022

Cervical cancer is the popular diagnosis and treatment of segurolog


According to the director's statement, Seguro Population includes diagnosis, treatment and medical help to cope with this condition.

"With the extension of the coverage, 66 customers are already available through the CASTSTROFICIC EXPENDED PROTECTION FUND," he said, adding that it is a special coverage portfolio that traditionally reflects traditional family expenses such as cancer, transplant, or rare defects.

In this regard, women members of this nature have been admitted to the State Cancer Center for treatment of cancer and are being treated at a health unit approved by the Chihuahua of healthcare.

The main symptom of endocrine cancer is the growth of cancerous tumors in the uterine end of the uterus. Unusual womb contains bleeding and abdominal pain. It can be treated with surgery and radiation therapy.

Estrada Ferreira said that extensions provided to popular insurance coverage are being prepared for the Social Security Insurance (CNSPS) and various state institutions of this program. The actual needs of affiliate people.

Seguroo Populer says: "The Universal Catalog for Health Care and the 66 major diseases disaster management fund have a total of 807 conditions.

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