Wednesday , September 28 2022

Brilliant intelligence, next phase of smartphone evolution | Test | Agreed notes


Smartphones can only connect with friends and family to see what's happening in the world. Today we can make our lives easier with our smart phones, our surroundings, and the world around us. New Met 20 Pro In it Huawei One of the earliest phones to use this feature was the new processor of Kirin 980.

Kirin 980 is the power of the processor

The brain processor is the cell phone. This determines how quickly we can take photos, how much energy each application consumes, how fast our connection to wireless networks will be. Although its evolution continues to exist in the last decades, utilizing a new range of users to include artificial intelligence features.

The new Kirin 980 processor maker is 20 Pro core Huawei With it the great alternative battery effectiveness has been retrieved as 58% of the speeds we recognize and take pictures. In addition, two inventions are included: face recognition on the screen, the first fingerprint reader.

Cell phone with an extra chain

More than Huawei Mate 20 Pro smartphones. & # 39; High Work & # 39; It's a device that uses it to help users who are of two features of good quality get recognition and approval. The first one is called HiVision. We can point to an audio cell phone, the smartphone's processor identifies it and informs us about it. For example, if we are in a museum, if a painting is pointed out, the cell phone will tell us about which job it is, and what year it was Astor and that it was. This camera recognizes over 10 million famous paintings and monuments across 15 countries. In addition, it works with food, so it's easy to know how much calories you eat.

The second character Met 20 Pro It's hite. We can choose the image of an object on a web page accordingly, and this function will help us to know the same things that are sold on e-commerce platforms. With over 200 online stores, the smartphone's artificial intelligence can detect over 120 million objects.

You're still accurately or in the artificial intelligence of the new Mate 20 Pro Huawei You can do that, encourage you to give this test answer.


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