Friday , September 30 2022

BANKA ensures that high commissions are not charged and the balance of income is decreased


The FIG Banking operating in Mexico In addition to the allegations he has made in the last few years, he is accused of charging high commissions for services offered by him in the Senate, rather than the dominant party. Dance, He is forbidden from charging fees for some services, such as credit card annuity.

This Thursday, that Association of Banks of Mexico (ABM), an offshoot of fine commissions in the country under the leadership of Marcos Martinez Gaia.

"These days, we have witnessed powerful media activities, some of the legislative forces, and the authorities in the financial system, starting from wrong information and incorrect information, confusing the opinions of the public, and the bank's customers."

This is due to the fact that some parents' parents (who report that they are reporting income receipts) and net commissions (low wages). Overall commissions from here are used.

Thus, City's parent company got 18% of its revenue. BBVA is 19% Sandandar 20%; Mexico's subsystems (using the same methodology) are 21%, 20%, and 21% respectively. Not at all 33%, 36% According to the information from the Conduction, the missile project indicated 39%.

Similarly, in the last decade the fee revenue has declined steadily, with an annual growth of 4.6 percent in August, compared with an average of 21 percent of total revenue in 2018, the lowest in per capita income. It was 14.8 per cent 10 years ago.

Furthermore, the administrative structure of the bank and the proportion of fees is equal to those of other geographies.

"The fees for various financial systems depend on the structure: banking infiltration, operating costs, regulatory environment, competitive environment, competitive disabilities, and customer flexibility.

In addition, the Commission notes that the Commission does not produce a large number of products and services available in banking clients. Examples include basic payroll account, basic account for the public, basic credit card, cash withdrawal on their own network, or contracts between institutes, packages for various products and services for customers. Assets

In addition, the use of services highlights that institutions are encouraging their clients to offer different treatment options.

"Or clients, credits, or credits provided by the users, which clearly prohibits the Commission, other international financial institutions in the current control, the window for smooth negotiations, to provide for their own account a check to the investors, via their tiriccukittiya bank to return the payment back or deny sq.ft. Speak. "

The utilization from the district is before the price control

The ABM, which comes with 50 banks, together with the prices of the commission, argues that competition or innovation is neither promoting nor banking.

Steps like this are encouraged to lower investment in infrastructure and affect the cost structure for cost of services; Offer cheap benefits to customers; Creates a controlled credit offer without the interest rate for high cost materials.

Apart from all this, it will be an advance for the price control in other sectors.

"We publicly recognize the legislative acts of the Bank of Mexico, the Ministry of Finance, the Public Credit, the National Banking and Securities Commission, and the banking products, services and other commissions have gone down and the product of a healthy system to achieve that," he said.

They reject the worthy

After the introduction of the capitalist venture, ABM utilizes the position to deny terms such as interest, agro and abusive terms in the recent stages referred to in terms of "full conviction".

"The ABB has agreed to create better service provisions and financial services for customers in the legislative branch, and we are working every day by banks that form the association."

Promote economic education

Finally, the bank's administrative system seems to be convenient to promote economic education. Thus, in Mexico, consumers and customers are aware of a wide range of products and services in the country, most of which have no cost.

"The purpose of our institution's power to understand the country's economic stability and the condition of the products and services from their banks creates the real competition in a background, not the right data, and the wrong value decisions," he concluded.

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