Friday , June 9 2023

As a child, tender photos of Yeltsa Apparatus


Yelitz ariarso It softens a series of images inspired from social networks When I was a girl

Wakeup America He shared four of Yalya's four snapshots in his network. Wearing a goat dress, one escort uniform, one white cloth, and finally in a normal dress.
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How beautiful, amerolyous, produces a number of highlights of the tenders. Nominated for best acting in Oscar yesterday.

One of the nominees for the Best Cinematography Award was Ulysses Aprrio.


In the morning, she was appointed as the best actress for Oscar

Yalitas Apariso responds with Oscar nominations, with tears and tearsYalitas Apariso responds with Oscar nominations, with tears and tears

He expressed happiness in the boring and the wings. Alfonso Cuarón's "Roma" appreciates the actresses like Salma Haiak.


Salma is the first Mexican actress to do good work for a nominee


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