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These iPhone Wallpapers can shine your phone and make your folders transparent – but it is point


IPhone Invisible FoldersScene Wolf / Business Insider
  • Twitter user Good I found an iOS 12.1 glow to fold folders and folders on your iPhone home screen.
  • Turns on the phone's background with a fixed image and turns on "transparency via cuts" in the phone's settings.
  • Twelve backgrounds are available for iPhone and 11 are available for older iPhones like iPhone 8.

In some rare cases, phone software interruptions can actually make the experience even better.

Twitter user Good, Who is "Mr iPhone Wallpaper", was found in an iOS 12.1 folder that makes your iPhone's Folders Dock transparent. The result is a brief look at a traditional home-accessible home screen. Some customization options for Apple come with their phone's interfaces.

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It's easy to set up wallpaper:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility, and then "Toggle Transparent".
  • Next, select the background you want to use. Click here for new iPhone like X, XS and XS Max. For iPhone Without a Top, Click Here. Scroll to the colored wallpapers, tap and save one to open it in full screen.
  • For iPhone Without A Top, Good It is recommended using the "View" setting when applying wallpaper. Before making sure, you will ensure that you do not remove the image from this image.
  • The "still" setting was applied when applying the wallpaper, and to ensure "motion down" in phone settings. Do not remove the image before you can either verify.
  • The wallpaper should now apply, and your folders and docks should be invisible.

Here's a Plus Business Insider for iPhone 8 Plus One iPhone XS Max:

iPhone 8:

IPhone Invisible FoldersScene Wolf / Business Insider

Maximum iPhone XS:

IPhone Format in XP X FindersScene Wolf / Business Insider

Some subtle rows are still visible in the margins of the folders, and can be seen on the top right of the dock.

The creator of these transparent backgrounds has also introduced another gluing wallpaper ranges, but these do not disappear your dock and folders. Instead, these "paint type" wallpapers look different colors of your phone, folders, and dock.

Here's an example @Haham:

"Paint Typer" wallpapers can be downloaded here for the notable iPhone, here's an iPhone without a backlink.

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