Thursday , October 28 2021

The Xbox Series X works to address major launch issues


Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a solution to two major issues affecting the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. One of these issues involves performance. While the PS5 outperforms the Xbox Series S in terms of power, it is inferior to the Xbox Series X in this respect, at least on paper. However, despite all this, many more games work better on the PS5 than the Xbox Series X. According to Microsoft, the hardware here is not faulty, it is optimization. If this is the case then maybe Microsoft is here to help.

Speaking during the X official Xbox podcast hosted by Larry Hrib, Microsoft’s Jason Ronald revealed that in some cases these inadequacies lead to bugs, or sometimes it’s just a lack of experience on the platform.

“Different types of problems arise as developers begin to study and utilize this platform.” Ronald said. “In some cases, they’s just bugs in the headlines – we’ve been very close partners with them, and the developers will go in and fix those bugs because they’re committed to providing a premium experience just like us.

Elsewhere during the podcast, Ronald confirmed that issues with the quick resume had been resolved. Quick Resume is one of the most attractive features of the console, a feature that is unanswerable to the PS5. Not only does it not currently support all games, it does not always work as advertised after launch. Ronald notes improvements in this regard again.

Of course, none of these problems can be solved by developing an update. It’s safe to say both, but the previous generation will continue to be a problem to some extent, but according to Ronald, Microsoft is doing everything possible to alleviate these problems going forward.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are available for $ 500 and $ 300, respectively. Click here for more coverage on the latest Xbox console and everything, including the latest news, rumors and leaks.

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