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The Dutch team will reach the League of Nations


Cape Town – Virgil van digj He said Netherlands & # 39; He reached the semi-finals with a draw in the 91st minute Nations League After their play 2-2 Draw Germany.

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During the last four minutes, the Dutch had the opportunity to win the goal at the expense of France's champions France. Within six minutes Dutch goals scored two goals.

Liverpool's defensive fraud van Dickk said the team had made their first goal in a 85-minute battle.

In the second semi-finals, Germany beat Germany 2-0 to win over Dibre Werner and Lesoy Zane.

Van Dickk said France and Germany would take over the group of European powers group.

"All of us should be proud of us," I said, "When the Dutch arrived in England, Switzerland and Portugal, the last Fourth in the National League.

"We've worked all the time and it's a lot of work to get paid for it".

Van Dickk said the European Union was the top priority of the 2020 European Champions League after failing to qualify for the final of the 2016 World Cup.

"If we succeed in the Nations League, it's amazing, but we're all sure we're in the European Championship and we're doing our best to be proud of our country," he added.

The Netherlands coach Ronald Keeman's team has proved surprising.

"It was difficult for us, and in the first half, the Germans were shouting fast," Cheemenan agreed.

"We are back in the second half and hold it.

"They had the opportunity to end it, but the struggle and confidence we showed was just enough for this point.

"We have not played the big football, it's not our best performance, but it was enough.

"The Netherlands were not expected to win the group.

"Of course, we do not want to get into the League B, but the winners of the group were a dream."

Rojas who suffered injuries against Germany

After losing the second century against Germany, coach Jokirim Loew withdrew from his own experience.

"As a young man you have paid off, we have to learn to close a game," said Loew from one of 2014 World Cup men Matts Hammals, Tony Cross and Manuel Never.

"They were all deserted and paid their reward.

"This is a learning experience for us, we have to analyze our performance in the last 10 minutes.

Within 80 minutes we were very strong and got the chance to score, a lot of things for our team.

Thomas Müller has won the 100th German Manchester City Manchester City's best wishes to win.

"The result is annoying," Shine said.

"We went ahead and the hook released them.

"If we had scored the third goal, you drove the game down, but it disappeared."

The eighth game was drought-end goal scorer, Werner

Until the 85th minute, all was in control and could have gone 3-0 up.

"After all, we did not get any reward again."

Last year's tragic defeat with the Dutch at 3-0, a tragedy for the Germans of 2018.

In the last 12 months, when they lost to six times, they were eliminated from the Nations League's Division in the World Cup.

The contract will have to wait until the 2020 final, if the 2022 World Cup.

It was a disappointing year ahead of the World Cup match.

"I think it was a good way to play with these players, and we are again successful with these young stars."

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